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About Us

An Exceptional Garden for Exceptional People

Free to Grow Farm is a new and exciting community garden especially developed for people of all capabilities, creating a fun and enjoyable environment for personal growth, friendship, skill learning and much more! 

Provides a place to grow your own crop

Builds a sense of unity and freedom

Gets people active & enjoying the beautiful outdoors

Educates about gardening, nature & entrepreneurship

What We Do

Free to Grow Farm was created by the Helpard family who wanted to provide an opportunity for exceptional people to learn gardening and life skills.​

That being said, what we have done is built a facility with multiple wheelchair accessible garden boxes, and a greenhouse, all surrounded by a deer fence so you know the crop is safe! The goal for this facility is to allow a group such as Project Inclusion to come in, grow their own produce, with the help of our garden expert, and eventually be able to sell their products at the local farmers' market and create their own income.

What's Behind the Name?

The name Free to Grow Farm came into thought while creating the project. Jamie, a friend of the family, told a story of his time working as a tree planter that inspired the name as it relates to the goals of the farm. As he told us, in the process of replanting a deforested area, you start with planting the saplings but you still have to come back occasionally to assure the young trees are growing well and to their potential. After time and lots of care there is a point where you no longer need to return, for with enough care and preparation, the trees are declared as free to grow. So we were hooked on the name, who wouldn't be? It perfectly describes how the garden is meant to be used! We've created an environment for groups to come in, learn new skills, be taught by our garden expert Sophie and given the tools to sell their produce with the eventual goal that the groups will be able to support their own work with their sales and knowledge.

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